Meet the New Premium Release

Looking for the best release program available? We are excited to announce our new Premium Release – which offers increased digital and print impressions, higher impact print coverage and social media amplification.

What's Included?

Mat Release

  • Article format that’s perfect for usage by editors within their sections
  • 300-500 words, 1-2 images

Spotlight Placement *NEW*

  • Increase overall print impressions and impact of placement with inclusion in this full-page layout
  • Key elements of Release (300-400 words, 1 image) included alongside non-competitive content curated by our editorial team

Social Media Amplification *NEW*

  • Secure a guaranteed social audience with reporting on engagement
  • Posting and promotion of your content on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram via our direct-to-consumer entities, and

Want More Info?

Contact us today to learn how to incorporate our Premium Release product into your media relations campaign.

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Premium Mat Release