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Grassroots Marketing. Simplified.

Get High-Quality, Editorial Coverage from Coast to Coast.
No 100-City Tours or Fancy Buses Required.

Family Features' network of more than 8,000 editors use our Full-Page Feature and Mat Release products to help fill the Food and Lifestyle sections of their newspapers, magazines and online sites.
See How We Do It

Your key messages and visuals are expertly shaped into
engaging editorial content for nationwide distribution.

Full-Page Features:

Unique to Family Features, our Full-Page Feature product provides a compelling platform to tell your story while delivering more front-of-section and color placements.

Mat Releases:

Trust us, all mat releases are not created equal.

We go beyond the numbers to deliver a higher-quality, better placement as well as transparent reporting with no outrageous multipliers.

Product Roundups:

Editors love product roundup stories, but it can be difficult to get on these lists. We can help you secure a spot on "Best Of" lists with our seasonally-themed Product Roundups.

Top agencies, brands and commodity groups have
benefited from Family Features. You can too.

Client Logos

1. Quality Focus

Editorial placements you can be proud of – more full-page, front of
section and color placements. How's that for results "peace of mind."

2. Editor Preferred

We received the highest satisfaction rating among free, sponsored
content providers, according to a new independent study of newspaper editors. The study surveyed 500+ food and lifestyle editors across the country to measure syndicated content usage, as well as satisfaction
with key providers.

3. Reporting Transparency

We're meticulous about tracking, capturing and verifying
placements via our easy-to-use reporting tools.
Bottomline: there are no "smoke and mirrors" or outrageous
multipliers with our impressions or placement numbers.

4. Extend Your Campaign Reach

Give your team more arms and legs. Our media network is 8,000
strong, including large dailies like the Sacramento Bee and the
Detroit Free Press to local suburban papers (our sweet spot),
regional magazines and online sites.

5. Belief in Print

Yes, we live in a digital world, but we think print still has a place in your
media outreach. In fact, a 2013 study from the National Newspaper
Association found people value and trust their community papers –
with nearly 80% relying on it for local news and information.

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