Our Media Relationships Make the Difference

For over 40 years, we’ve maintained and built our media network of over 10,000+ editors at newspapers, magazines, and websites across the country.

Our media users rely on our ready-to-publish content to fill out their food, home & garden, and lifestyle sections. Through partnering with our clients to develop premium content shaped around their key messages, we’re proud to say we’re the #1 rated provider of branded content by editors.

Our media team has decades of combined experience as former publishers, editors, writers and graphic designers. As active participants in national and regional media associations, we track current editorial trends and provide
expert counsel for your campaign.

All Family Features campaigns include a comprehensive promotional plan, reaching thousands of print and digital outlets. Personal visits, phone outreach, advertising, industry conferences, and print and email promotions drive editors to visit our Media Site to view, download, and publish your content.

Extending Your Brand Message

Your content can also be promoted to targeted regions or audiences, and we can work with you to offer editors resources to create high-impact serial content, localization options, and additional information about your products, services, or association.

Interested in social and video? We have direct-to-consumer channels that allow you to deliver social media content directly to consumers, and provide guaranteed engagement with your content.

Family Features Media Network
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