Make a Big Impact with a Full-Page Feature

If you're looking for a high-impact marketing strategy to deliver your product or brand message, our Feature programs are a perfect fit for you.
Features offer our highest guaranteed deliverables and are our most popular format amongst editors - giving you unparalleled results, including full-page, full-color, front-of-section coverage.

Benefits of a Feature:

  • 5x more full-page placements than our Mat Releases
  • More front-of-section, color placements
  • Highest guaranteed deliverables and maximum ad equivalency
  • More space and visuals to tell your story

With a Feature, You Get:

  • 750-1000 words
  • Multiple high-resolution images
  • Professionally designed, ready-to-use, full-page layouts
  • A format highly preferred by editors, available exclusively with Family Feature
  • Social Media Amplification
  • Content Amplification

Get Started

For more information on how to incorporate a Feature into your media relations campaign, please contact us today.