Ditch the Crystal Ball - A Look at What Editors Want

Blue crystal ballWhen it comes to creating content, wouldn't it be great if you could somehow magically know exactly what kind of stories editors want? It would make your job so much easier – right? Fortunately for you, our team talks to editors every day about challenges they're facing, and what type of content and stories would help them do their jobs better and more efficiently.

Content is King, but Distribution is Definitely Queen

Royal crownWhile this isn't a ground breaking statement and I'm certainly not the first to say it – I think it's still a topic worthy of further discussion.

There's no denying that content creation is all the rage today. Everyone is a content publisher – from advertising agencies and PR firms to big-name brands, journalists and bloggers. The reality is anyone with internet access has a voice and can easily share their thoughts and opinions to a mass audience.

So, with all the content creation going on, it's more important than ever that you're able to rise above the noise, which certainly good content can help achieve. But, creating high-quality content just isn't enough. It's merely the first step.

Forty Years of Family Features (1974-2014)

Family Features staff standing in front of an old van in 1974/1975Family Features is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and it's been an interesting journey to say the least. From our humble beginnings above a Chinese restaurant, to the multi-faceted, content marketing and distribution company we are today, we've experienced some interesting shifts in our business over the years.

Here are some highlights from the last 40 years.

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