What do Labrador Retrievers and Local Newspapers Have in Common?

Labrador Retriever puppyLabrador Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S. They are intelligent, trustworthy and known for their loyalty. So, what does this beloved animal have in common with local newspapers? It's pretty simple: trust, loyalty and prevalence.

Let me explain. I've found that just about any national media campaign can be bolstered by the inclusion of local media coverage. You might be saying to yourself, "isn't print dead?" Think again. Suburban and community newspapers remain highly trusted sources of information and advertising for millions of Americans. In fact, according to a study from Scarborough, an estimated 158 million Americans will read a print or digital newspaper this week, which equates to six out of ten adults.

This highly engaged audience can be easily overlooked in a national campaign due to limited resources and sexier social tactics. But before you kick print to the curb, I want to share a little more with you about the value of local media.

Tips for Creating Holiday Coverage that Shines

Image of GiftsWhether you represent a food brand or a consumer product, the holiday season is likely a critical timeframe in your annual marketing plan. After all, when else can you capture the attention of so many people looking for recipes and gifts during one dedicated period of time?

The only downside to placing so much weight on holiday coverage is that so many other brands and products are doing the exact same thing. Fortunately, a little strategic planning lets everyone find a place at the proverbial table.

Add a little extra jingle to your holiday campaign with these tips:

If You Build It, They Will Come - Creating Syndicated Content for Editors

Baseball diamond and fieldWhile this well-known quote from Field of Dreams might work for baseball, anyone who has ever tried to get PR coverage knows that it doesn't exactly ring true when it comes to securing editorial media placements.

Having spent 15+ years on the PR agency side, I know this first-hand. Because the reality is that even if you orchestrate the most fabulous event or develop a well-thought-out pitch, if it's not crafted in a way that fits the editor or reporter's needs, you're probably not going to get a story.

Same Rules Apply for Syndicated Content
You've got to understand the publication and their needs and objectives. Ultimately, if syndicated content providers don't create content that publications want, the publications are not going to use it. It's pretty simple.

That's why Family Features set out to learn, from journalists themselves, how we could better serve their content needs and ultimately deliver content that helps them do their jobs.

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