Tracking the Success of your Content Marketing Program

Metrics matter…particularly in content marketing. With marketing and PR expenditures under increasing scrutiny by the C-suite, it’s important that practitioners understand and employ appropriate metrics to track and validate the success of their projects.

There are a myriad of measurement tools and methods out there depending on the tactic you use, so here are a few basic “must-haves” we recommend:

Provide clear and transparent metrics
Inflated numbers that are not consistent with common sense will sabotage the sell-through of your campaign efforts. Metrics need to be derived from reliable sources, and be reasonable, verifiable and easy-to-understand.

Track and Verify media placements

  • Make sure all placements are verified by actual tear sheets and/or links to online placements. National clipping services are essential but also consider employing regional monitoring services for more complete coverage in target markets. Digital clip books or similar archiving of results should be included in any program.
  • For online metrics, it’s important to verify monthly audience visits and impressions – either from a third-party monitoring service or direct from the publication or website. Consider utilizing unique URLs/landing pages to track the back-end success of your campaign.
  • Looking for a comprehensive source for tactics and measurement? Try the Content Marketing Institute Business Directory
  • Here’s a great article on PR metrics: 12 Important PR Metrics That You Need To Monitor

Essentials for Social Programs and Promotion

  • Pull data direct from the platforms you’re promoting on for consistency across all campaigns. You can also utilize applications that allow you to pull all info into a central location.
  • This data will allow you to measure the overall reach, as well as examine the engagement on your postings —clicks, likes, shares, pins, etc.
  • While many metrics are universal across platforms, note that some metrics vary by platform.

Family Features’ Social Report

Social content72R

Video Distribution—look beyond “views”

  • Pull data direct from the platforms you’re promoting on for consistency across all campaigns.
  • Platforms can have different definitions for what constitutes a view, for example:
    • Facebook: Minimum 3 seconds
    • YouTube: Minimum 30 seconds
    • Twitter: Minimum 3 seconds
  • Dig in to your quartile reporting and percentage of views to completion to gain valuable insight into placement of call to action, optimal length of videos, and best performing platforms for your content.

Family Features’ Video Report


Family Features’ Reporting Portal

At Family Features, we’ve developed a reporting portal that integrates over 40 years of content marketing experience, thousands of campaigns and client conversations, and continual modification as new channels and tactics arise. Key features:

  • Live, 24/7 tracking and reporting
  • Tracking of all editors downloading your content, and publications and outlets placing your content
  • Viewable tear sheets and links to all placements
  • Audience, Advertising equivalency, location, DMA, brand retention and other data to help you valuate the placements you receive
  • Tracking and reporting of social impressions, engagement (likes, clicks, shares), traffic, and video views
  • Comprehensive summary reports and easily exportable data


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Brian Agnes
Brian Agnes

A former award-winning magazine publisher and president of Family Features, Brian has worked on over 30 publications, and with hundreds of editorial outlets, advertising and PR firms.

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