New Family Favorites

Family gatherings are typically events when favorite foods are served. They can also be opportunities for delicious, new recipes to be tested out. The Family Features production team worked with READ and Aunt Nellie's to create this fresh and flavorful food Feature. With ideas for serving a crowd, this Feature is one to remember when family comes around.

With richly colored photos and detailed recipes, this Feature can help you create the star of your next family gathering spread. The recipes include fresh ingredients ideal for families looking to eat healthy or feed little ones something different and delightful. Check out these latest food trends.

With 100 orders within the first week of being released to the media, and more than 760 online placements already, this Feature is another example of great content marketing that shines through to both print and online editors alike. The early timing of the feature provides editors with the opportunity to use it for Memorial Day, July 4th or Labor Day. Are you looking for a timely theme for your next project? Check out our project planner.

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Here are some great tips for securing maximum placement of the content:

Family Features – Best Practices

For best performance within the Family Features network of newspaper and magazine editors, the following guidelines are recommended in accordance with standard editorial style and Associated Press standards.

   • Content should include tips and takeaways for the end reader.
   • For food projects, Features should include 3-5 recipes; Releases should include 1-2 recipes.

   • Limit brand/product mentions to 2-3 for Releases and 4-5 for Features including the call to action. Recipe ingredients do not count toward branding maximums.
   • Avoid using trademark or registration symbols.

Word Count
   • Releases – 300-500 words (600 words maximum, including recipes) Learn more about Releases
   • Features – 700-1,000 words depending on amount of images included. Learn more about Features

   • Aim for no more than 5-7 words that describe the overarching theme.
   • Should lead readers toward tips/takeaways approach rather than attempting to achieve a “newsy” tone.

   • Third-person is the preferred voice.
   • Content should not read like a press release.
   • Follow AP Style – no bold, italics, underlining, footnotes, all caps, exclamation marks or rhetorical questions – and avoid potentially subjective claims and technical language.
   • Use short paragraphs, bullet points and subheads to break up copy as necessary.
   • Include a call to action with a website drive for interested readers.

   • For print distribution, at least 5x7 @300ppi is required. Larger is always appreciated.
   • For Features, at least one 12-inch-wide image is needed.

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Haley Vickers
Haley Vickers

Haley uses her journalism experience and editing skills to create engaging content for thousands of outlets within the Family Features media network. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Mass Media: Multimedia Journalism from Northwest Missouri State University.

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