Kick It Up a Notch this Spring

Spring is a time for starting fresh, which makes it a perfect opportunity to focus on your body and how you fuel it. The Family Features production team worked with Atkins to create this beautiful, refreshing Feature that will help motivate readers to think about what they are eating.

This Feature incorporates seasonal colors, detailed recipes and eye-catching photos to give it a nearly irresistible spring-time flair. The photos all feature minimal propping and lighter backgrounds, which help make the foods appear to jump off the page. Editors often use these color pages as front-of-section newspaper content and in magazines. Having great photos can help increase pickup significantly.14150 750

Branding, while consistent throughout, does not feel overly promotional. The tie-in to the “Eat Right Not Less” guidebook also provides consumers with valuable, credible dietary advice and information.

As an example of effective content marketing, this Feature imparts consumer information in an attractive format and is resonating with editors as more than 100 of them downloaded the content for print publication (in the first week) with about 1,000 more running it on their websites.

Haley Vickers
Haley Vickers

Haley uses her journalism experience and editing skills to create engaging content for thousands of outlets within the Family Features media network. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Mass Media: Multimedia Journalism from Northwest Missouri State University.

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