Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs - Our Creative Process
Allow 1-2 weeks for development and production, but Mat Releases can be ready for distribution in as little as five working days. Features typically require an additional 1-2 weeks.
The earlier the better. We recommend distributing your content 2-3 months prior to your ideal coverage timing. To maximize your regional magazine placements, allow an additional 1-2 month lead time.
Yes – we absolutely can. All Mat Releases and Full-Page Features include free copywriting and editing to AP style. Our professional writers will work with you to craft content that will appeal to editors and their audiences.

Yes – it's been our experience that having compelling and relevant photography increases the pick-up rate of Mat Releases and Full-Page Features. We can provide a range of options for your content from stock photos and illustrations to photo shoots, depending on your budget and needs. Please contact Sarah Fowler, Production Manager, at for more information.