Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs - Our Media Network

We have a network of more than 10,000 editors from over 3,500 outlets who regularly use our Feature and Release products to help fill the food and lifestyle sections of their newspapers, regional magazines and online sites.

Our articles are published by a wide variety of print and online outlets including daily and weekly newspapers, regional magazines and TV and radio websites, as well as local media and community sites who use our web feeds to automatically place our content on their websites every week.
Ready-to-publish, syndicated content helps fill an important need for media professionals today, with two-thirds of editors saying they use it to help fill their food and lifestyle sections, according to a new, national survey of newspaper editors. In fact, the same study revealed Family Features received the highest satisfaction rating among providers who offer free, sponsored content. You can learn more by downloading the study summary here.
We use a variety of marketing tactics to encourage editors to visit our editorial site: We promote our content via one-on-one meetings with editors, email, newsletters, phone contact, advertising and industry conferences.