Social Media Amplification

Looking to add social media impressions and engagement to your project? Our Social Media Amplification programs allow you to add a social media presence to any campaign. Secure guaranteed impressions and engagement across Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

How’s it work?

We post your content on one of our proprietary consumer-facing sites, or, and promote your content using paid and organic posts on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

What’s included?

  • Posting and promotion on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter
  • Posts include:
    • recipe, tip or key message from your content
    • link to content housed on our site or client’s site
    • hashtags, if desired
  • Programs start at two-week duration; scalable options available
  • Distribution of your content across our content feeds, allowing you to secure traditional digital media placements
  • Reporting on impressions, clicks, likes, comments, shares and repins

Social Media Amplification can be added to any program. Additional social media impressions and engagements are also available for purchase.

Want More Info?

Contact us today to learn how to incorporate our Social Media Amplification product into your campaign.