Product Roundups: Feature Results at a Fraction of the Cost

Our proprietary Product Roundups use holidays and key seasons to help promote your product. Product Roundups cover everything from holiday gift guides to car care and back-to-school season, and feature 4-5 non-competing products in a professionally designed, full-page layout. Each product gets a description, high-resolution photo and URL to help drive consumers to your site during your key seasons.

Benefits of a Product Roundup:

  • Direct promotion of your product or service
  • Full-page Feature deliverables at a fraction of the cost
  • Hundreds of high-quality digital and print placements
  • Guaranteed deliverables

Every participating product gets:

  • 75-word description
  • High-resolution image
  • URL
  • Professionally designed layout highlighting 4-5 non-competing products

2023 Product Roundup Calendar

(Table scrolls to display all values.)

Themes Distribution Date Materials Due - Hard Deadline
Spring Home & Garden March Feb 22
Father’s Day Gifts May April 19
Back to School July June 1
Holiday Gifts November Oct. 4
New Year, New You January Dec. 5

Build Your Own

You pick the theme and we’ll create a unique editorial Roundup featuring your product(s) and other non-competitive content.