Premium (Half-Page) Release

Our Premium Release combines a formatted half-page layout and unformatted Release version with Social Media Amplification to deliver increased digital and print impressions and high-impact print placements.

Benefits of a Premium Release:

  • More placements and impressions than a traditional Mat Release
  • Formatted content adds flexibility in telling your brand’s story
  • Integrated Social Media Amplification to drive consumers to your content

With a Premium Release, You Get:

  • 500-600 words
  • 1-2 images
  • Content provided formatted and unformatted to increase the number of placements
  • Guaranteed impressions and engagements
  • Social Media Amplification to drive consumers to your content through promotion via Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter

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Program Options and Enhancements

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Video Distribution

Drive engagement and get more guaranteed plays with video.

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Social Media Amplification

Secure guaranteed impressions on Facebook and Pinterest.

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