Lifestyle Video Releases Add Motion to Your Message

Our Lifestyle Video Release combines a Basic Release with Video Production and Distribution to deliver your message in a way consumers can “see” your content. With a 14-day turnaround time, our production team will create a 1-2-minute video using client-approved messaging, which will be marketed on social media to increase brand awareness and drive consumer engagement with your content.

Benefits of a Lifestyle Video Release:

  • Guaranteed earned print and digital impressions as well as video plays
  • Custom video production
  • Multiple formats
  • Quantity discounts for multiple videos
  • Client retains full ownership of video

With a Lifestyle Video Release, You Get:

  • In-house production of a 1-2-minute lifestyle or home & garden video
  • Intro copy (150-250 words, 3-5 tips)
  • Promotion of video on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter via the profiles of our direct-to-consumer site,, with detailed reporting
  • Video and intro copy made available for download on Family Features’ editor site for guaranteed earned print impressions

Get Started

For more information on how to incorporate a Lifestyle Video Release into your campaign, please contact us today.

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