Cook Up High-Impact Results with a Full-Page Recipe Feature

Our unique, full-page Recipe Features use a combination of formatted recipes and photography to deliver your message in multiple formats and maximize the number of earned and sponsored placements. We also leverage paid social media, digital and recipe video marketing campaigns to drive consumer engagement with your content.

Benefits of a Recipe Feature:

  • Combines digital and print to deliver more placements and impressions
  • Highest guaranteed deliverables
  • Highest total digital engagements of any program
  • More space and visuals to tell your story
  • Integrated Content and Social Media Amplification campaigns

With a Recipe Feature, You Get:

  • 750-1,000 words
  • Multiple high-resolution images
  • Professionally designed, ready-to-use, full-page layout in multiple formats
  • A format highly preferred by our local content partners, exclusive to Family Features
  • Recipe Video Production and Distribution
  • Social Media Amplification
  • Content Amplification

Get Started

For more information on how to incorporate a Recipe Feature into your campaign, please contact us today.

 Full Page recipe features

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