Make a Big Impact with a Full-Page Feature

If you’re looking for a high-impact, multi-channel program that combines digital, social, print and video to deliver your brand or product’s message, our exclusive formatted Feature program is a perfect fit for you.
Features use a combination of formatted content, photography and a variety of visual elements like sidebars and infographics to deliver your message and maximize the number of online and print placements. We also leverage paid social media and digital marketing campaigns to drive consumer engagement with your content.

Benefits of a Feature:

  • Combines digital and print to deliver more placements and impressions
  • Highest guaranteed deliverables
  • More space and visuals to tell your story
  • Integrated Digital and Social Media Amplification

With a Feature, You Get:

  • 750-1,000 words
  • Multiple high-resolution images
  • Professionally designed, ready-to-use, full-page layout
  • A format highly preferred by our local content partners, exclusive to Family Features
  • Social Media Amplification
  • Content Amplification

Get Started

For more information on how to incorporate a Feature into your campaign, please contact us today.

Program Options and Enhancements

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Social Media Amplification

Secure guaranteed impressions on Facebook and Pinterest.

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Recipe Video Production & Distribution

Extend the reach of your recipe content with video creation and distribution.

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Video Distribution

Drive engagement and get more guaranteed plays with video.

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