Take Your Brand’s Content Strategy Beyond Earned Media

Create a Seamless Integrated Content Strategy

An effective marketing strategy engages consumers where they are, across diverse touch points. Family Features’ approach to content distribution allows you to leverage multiple channels at once to synchronize your strategy across numerous integrated platforms.

Working with Family Features gives marketers the convenience of engaging with consumers in a variety of ways, all through a single source, while ensuring consistent messaging. The outcome is a seamlessly synchronized campaign that delivers meaningful results.

Media Websites

Cost-Per-Click Campaigns
Newswire Services
Partner Network

Earned Media

At its core, the goal of public relations, or more specifically media relations, is convincing influential people like editors to tell your story, giving your message or brand a boost in credibility. You’re earning – not paying for – that third-party endorsement. At Family Features, your earned coverage is the result of our proprietary network of print and digital editors who select your project and publish it in their newspapers, magazines or websites.

Editors have the ability to choose your project either by searching and downloading content from our editors’ site or choosing to use one of our themed widgets that posts the latest content directly to their websites. This means when your project gets downloaded and published, you’ve earned the attention.

FFES Media

The greatest level of control over your brand message comes from media that you own, as you are able to determine what story you tell, when and to whom. Family Features leverages two consumer-facing websites, Culinary.net for recipe content and eLivingtoday.com for lifestyle content, to extend the reach and earned opportunities for your brand’s story.

Using these sites and their supporting social media platforms, we position your brand to earn engagement from interested consumers through increased traffic, shares and likes. 


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