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Healthy Food Feature Drives Product Awareness


A national produce commodity board representing the growers of 99 percent of the crop in the United States tasked Family Features with creating a digital and print campaign that would drive awareness of the product’s health benefits while also highlighting its versatility for use as a healthy snack and ingredient in good-for-you recipes.



  • More than 1,200 placements in digital and print publications nationwide, with 100% brand retention
  • More than 320 million total impressions
  • More than 135,000 social media impressions and 9,000 engagements
  • A total ad equivalency of more than $1.4 million across all platforms
  • An overall ROI of 89:1

Secrets to Success:

  • Keep It Simple: Identify a recipe that can be easily followed by a novice home chef. Overly complex recipes may turn away audience members who view the instructions as difficult, but simpler dishes can attract viewers who are willing to learn.
  • Make It Pop: Recipes that include bright ingredients or end with a stunning appearance can better capture the attention of viewers.
  • Use Everday Ingredients: Once you’ve determined a recipe is simple enough for a novice to complete, double-check the ingredients are widely available for consumers to purchase. Obscure ingredients or out-of-season produce may cause confusion.

What is a Recipe Feature?

Our most popular format among editors, Features are promoted across our digital, print and social channels. Exclusive to Family Features, the Feature program offers the highest deliverables and includes 750-1,000 words, multiple images, a full-page layout, social media amplification and cost-per-click content amplification.

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