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An agency representing a leader in the skin care industry tasked Family Features with creating a project focused on highlighting products that could be used as part of an active winter skin care regimen. As part of a Half-Page Product Roundup program, the Family Features team created a halfpage layout using a timely, seasonal theme that highlighted two products (with corresponding images) as essentials for consumers. Plus, a Social Media Amplification campaign helped drive additional traffic to the content.

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  • More than 1,000 placements in digital and print publications, including more than 200 earned placements
  • More than 205 million total impressions with more than 3.7 million earned impressions
  • More than 180,000 social media impressions and over 7,000 engagements
  • A total ad equivalency of more than $740,000 across all platforms
  • An overall ROI of 123:1

Secrets to Success:

  • Timely Themes: Creating a campaign that takes advantage of a timely theme – like winter skin care, for example – provides our comprehensive editorial network with appealing content to maximize your brand’s exposure.
  • Stunning Images: Highly visual content with appealing images tends to grab editors’ and readers’ eyes.
  • Compelling Content: Editors search for themes first then photos and headlines. For best results, deliver a popular editorial hook, eye-catching images, an approachable headline and content readers can easily use.

What is a Half-Page Product Roundup?

Ideal for projects where the focus needs to be on products instead of an editorial message or story, our Half-Page Product Roundups combine a 200-300-word introduction with two 75-word product descriptions and images to create a formatted half-page layout and an unformatted Release version to deliver more placements and higher-impact impressions than a Basic Release. Plus, an integrated Social Media Amplification campaign helps drive consumers to your content through promotion via our third-party Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter pages.

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