Livening Up Outdoor Menus with Seneca Foods

With a mission to bring nutritious food that's affordable and delicious to consumers nationwide, Family Features partnered with Seneca Foods to secure coverage for al fresco recipes, with over 60% of placements front of section.

Seneca Foods Feature example


  • More than 245 print stories and hundreds of online placements
  • 100% of stories mentioned Seneca Foods
  • +90% Key Message Delivery
  • More than one-third of placements in 4-Color
  • National coverage in 45 states
  • Over 21.5MM total impressions

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Coast-to-Coast Coverage

Sample Outlets Include

  • Chicago Sun-Times - Chicago, IL
  • The Philadelphia Times - Philadelphia, PA
  • Arizona Informant - Phoenix, AZ
  • The Vindicator - Youngstown, OH
  • Nashville Pride - Nashville, TN
  • The San Fernando Sun - San Fernando, CA
  • Jefferson City News-Tribune - Jefferson City, MO
  • Journal Inquirer - Manchester, CT
  • Plano Insider - Plano, TX
  • AAA Home & Away Magazine - Omaha, NE