Case Studies

For more than 40 years, Family Features has helped brands, agencies, commodity boards and associations deliver branded food, lifestyle and home & garden content directly to consumers. Check out the case studies below for more details on how we delivered results for our clients.

15226 COVID19 CS

A Successful Content Strategy During a Crisis

View the top placements this Premium Release achieved and find out how it accrued more than 1,000 total placements and 170 million total impressions in less than a month.

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14589 CS new

Premium Releases Generate Millions of Impressions and Engagement

Formatted content produces print and digital coverage, like the 250 million impressions this Premium Release program delivered.

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14691 nonprofit CS

Earn Impressions for Your Nonprofit Organization

Learn more about the Premium Recipe Feature we created for a nonprofit organization that generated more than 800 earned placements and 20 million earned impressions.

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14508 CS

Deliver Millions of Earned Impressions with Video, Social, Print

Learn how we achieved more than 19 million earned impressions using multiple formats.

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14150 CS

Food Content Delivers Health-Conscious Recipes, Big Results

Family Features team leveraged existing campaign messaging, scientific research and multiple recipes crafted to showcase the benefits of the weight loss program.

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14233 CS

Healthy Food Feature Drives Product Awareness

A national produce commodity board representing the growers of 99 percent of the crop in the United States tasked Family Features with creating a digital and print campaign

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15165 CShero

Create High-Impact Content with Your Lawncare Advice

Highlighting one of Family Features’ most requested themes, this formatted Premium Release delivered with more than 6.3 million earned impressions.

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Engage Readers with a Monthly Series

Learn more about this monthly series program, which generated more than 1 billion impressions.

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14508 CS

Increase Brand Awareness with Premium Release and Social Media

Get high-impact impressions like the more than 265 million this formatted content program achieved.

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13953 CS

Home Improvement Content Delivers High-Impact Results

Developed content that pitched skylights as one way to make a home more environmentally conscious while also increasing efficiency in a full-page Premium Feature.

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14185 casestudy

Reach Readers, Drive Traffic with Home & Garden Content

A popular, seasonal theme paired with a full-page, formatted layout and Social and Content Amplification campaigns led this Feature to more than 660 million total impressions.

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14999 Health CSpreview

Generate Earned Impressions with Your Health-Related Message

This full-page Feature, which provided readers with important Medicare information, achieved more than 400 earned placements and 8 million earned impressions.

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15224 CShero

Creating Successful Content During a Crisis

By highlighting timely COVID-19 solutions and ideas, this Premium Release garnered more than 7.5 million earned impressions.

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SeniorContent CS preview

Target Relevant Consumers with Senior Themed Content

Learn more about this senior-focused, full-page Feature that achieved more than 300 earned placements and 8 million earned impressions.

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13880 CS

Financial Services Company Sees Big Results with Content Marketing

The brand’s agency worked with Family Features to present relevant survey findings in an editorially friendly manner.

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14088 CS

Driving Downloads and Subscriptions with a Successful Feature Project

Learn how technology can help make daily tasks like driving easier with this full-page Feature that achieved more than 2,000 placements.

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14508 CS

Use Formatted Content to Build Positive Brand Awareness

Check out how a full-page Feature delivered more than 1,200 placements and 320 million impressions.

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Find Fantastic Success with Recipe Video Releases

Many recipes may sound delicious without further explanation, but they can come to life and inspire consumers when showcased in a recipe video.

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15293 Upgrade Your Home, Downgrade Energy Usage

Custom Projects Can Help Reach Desired Goals

Discover how this custom program pairing a Premium Release with a lifestyle video achieved more than 130 million total impressions in less than two months.

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Drive Views with Lifestyle Videos

Learn more about how lifestyle videos can earn more than 165,000 video views and 800 digital and print placements.

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15114 CS

Engage Consumers with a Recipe Video Release

Find out how this Recipe Video Release, which highlighted an easy-to-make dip, achieved more than 290 print and digital placements and 230,000 video views.

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Raise Brand Awareness with a Recipe Video Release

See how we got more than 200,000 video views and 15 million earned impressions with a Recipe Video Release.

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