Fall in to Puppy Love

Even your furry friends need some love this fall. Our creative team worked together with Just Right by Purina to create this informative and adorable, autumn pet page. This Feature is full of fall-themed advice for all the puppy lovers who need tips to prepare their pets for the cooler weather. These tips and easy solutions are specific and beneficial to all pet parents, which makes for all-around great content marketing.

Hacks for Food Photography

Pasta 2Photos are the rock stars of design. They should always catch the spotlight, front and center. They grab attention. They make or break a layout. As readers, our eyes are automatically drawn to the color and structure that appears within an image. Here are a few things to check before sending in photos readers love.

Brunch Overload

A perfect way to start the day is with a delicious brunch! Our creative team worked with Smithfield to produce this appetizing brunch feature on how to make and enjoy these mouthwatering dishes in the comfort of your own home. This feature is very popular with editors and bloggers! It has received over 160 million impressions and over 235 print placements so far. Delight your guests by bringing these brunch options to the table.

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