Successful Content Strategies During a Global Crisis

COVID 19 Blog case studyIn the context of a global health crisis, it can be a challenge for marketers to strike the right balance between providing useful information and avoiding the appearance of tone-deafness. Facing such a dilemma, many brands choose to pull back on their content strategy. However, our insight shows there’s no better time to supply useful content.

Lifting Lifestyle Content to the Next Level

At Family Features, we produce content on a wide variety of topics. From business and finance to health and education, lifestyle content comes in many shapes and forms. Now we have a new method of distributing it to editors and readers.

Our new Lifestyle Video Production & Distribution projects are easy, stress-free and provide visually appealing information for editors that put your brand’s message out there for the world to see.

Put Readers at Ease with Helpful Content

Blog Nutrition 2 image 3.26.20Weeks into the COVID-19 pandemic, a great deal of uncertainty remains. In fact, it may seem that the only thing certain is how significantly COVID-19 has altered our way of life. These unprecedented times call for a new way of thinking about content, but savvy brands are adapting their strategies to connect with consumers in ways they never have before.

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