Fresh from the Oven: Custom Recipe Video Creations

There is one goal many brands value most: to leave an impression. After many years exploring print media, Family Features has found that videos are one of the most effective tools for high-volume views and digital and social engagements, especially when it comes to recipes.

A Purpose-Driven Program Consultant

Lindsey1 002Lindsey Horstmann might be the newest member of Family Features’ sales team but her addition to our staff created a positive impact on the entire company. I had an opportunity to sit down with Lindsey and see what her new role included and how it affects the other teams here at Family Features.

Seasonal Sweets and Small Plates


It’s almost that time of year again: the season for singing, laughter, gifts, surprises and, of course, holiday treats and savory eats. Family Features created this bright, dazzling, full-page recipe Feature for the holiday season on behalf of the United Dairy Industry of Michigan to encourage readers to impress family members with sweets and full-flavored small bites.  

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