New to the Family

Desk FotoliaNafees Mamnoon may be the most recent hire at Family Features as the Web/Digital Designer, but with her laid-back attitude and love for the web, she fits right into the family. Her drive and determination are inspiring to those around her in the workplace. I sat down with Nafees to find out a little more about her background and her love for web design.

Show Your Infographics in Style

The future is visual and that’s no surprise. However, the future is also fast. One of the best ways to show information can be with an infographic. At a glance, readers can see a theme and receive the intended message within seconds.Today, it’s all about time and information. Texting, tweeting, Google this, Google that. Readers want facts and they want them now, which is one of an infographic’s strengths.

Stirring Things Up

With food, customization can sometimes be key as many people enjoy crafting dishes that fit their personal tastes. With this trendy project, “Throw a Hot-Pot Dinner Party,” Family Features worked with McCormick to share three customizable, mouth-watering, ready-to-serve dishes. The eye-catching images feature multiple details and colors, which makes them jump off the page for editors and readers. Each photo shows garnishes, placemats and, of course, a hot-pot recipe.

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