Regional and Local Magazines — A Hidden Gem for PR Pros

Basket of regional and local PR magazinesSecuring top-tier consumer magazine coverage is a priority for many PR programs, but also sometimes hard to achieve. You can, however, get significant coverage in local and regional magazines—particularly those that emphasize lifestyle, home and lawn/garden products.

A Closer Look at Regional Magazines
These magazines, which number in the thousands, are a staple of virtually every metro market and local community and provide an excellent vehicle for your brand message. With most being published monthly, along with their digital counterparts, they can be a nice complement to daily and weekly newspapers as part of your PR efforts.

In fact, mid-tier magazines and sites often target affluent communities, have a very passionate and engaged audience and the publications are retained for weeks--
if not months. In addition, color reproduction on the glossy paper stock of many magazines results in a very attractive presentation of your brand message.

Mat Releases: 3 Important Questions to Ask When Picking a Provider

Client thinking of questions about mat releases

So, you’re doing a mat release to help complement your upcoming media relations campaign. Great! Now, you just need to find out which mat release provider can give you the most placements for the least amount of money – right?

Not so fast!

While price and placements are certainly part of the equation, there are a few other factors to consider. Below are three questions to ask when shopping mat release options.

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