Employee Spotlight: Michael Zuniga

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The Family Features team is excited to welcome our new Digital Design Specialist, Michael Zuniga. Check out our interview with Michael to learn more about his background, interests and new role.

Mat Releases 101: Benefits and Tips for Success

mat releases in action 1If you’re looking for a quick and effective way to deliver branded content to consumers, a Mat Release is a perfect solution! A Mat Release is a ready-to-publish, consumer-oriented, 300-500-word article and up to two images that newspapers, magazines and websites can use. With the ability to generate 1,000 branded placements and over 100 million impressions, Mat Releases can help you increase brand awareness and extend the reach of your message. Plus, this type of content makes it easy for editors to place your article in their publications so you can sit back and watch the results roll in!

Employee Spotlight - Tanner Chadd

Tanner ChaddMeet Tanner Chadd, the newest member of the Family Features Team! We are excited to have Tanner join our company in the role of Digital Marketing Specialist. Here’s more about Tanner, his background and new position:

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