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mcclatchy blogA strong distribution network is one of the most important parts of a content marketing campaign. After creating quality content that deserves extensive reach, having an effective distribution strategy can make all the difference.

Connecting with a large audience in an effective and impactful way is often a struggle for marketers. It can be a time-consuming and expensive process to secure high-quality placements. 

One way to overcome this problem is to add content syndication to your marketing strategy. Syndication can take your distribution to the next level by releasing your content to print and digital publications nationwide, which gives you an opportunity to reach new audiences you may not have been able to before. This solution increases overall visibility and helps you save time and money by bridging the gap between your content and consumer exposure. mclatchy blog 3

A syndication partner can do the heavy lifting of creating and sharing content while you focus on other aspects of your campaign. Results can include millions of impressions, improved brand recognition, quality placements your audience trusts and nationwide exposure.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new partnership with McClatchy, the second-largest local media company in the United States. Generating tens of millions of impressions each month, this is an exciting opportunity to expand the reach of our clients’ content and connect with a larger audience than ever before.

About McClatchy:

Since 1857, McClatchy has grown from a small newspaper to a large digital network spanning 30 markets from California to Florida. More than 150 years later, network members have won 54 Pulitzer Prizes and helped clients connect and engage with audiences through print, digital, mobile apps and more.

McClatchy’s Reach:

● 75M+ monthly unique digital visitors
● 10M+ monthly video views

Publications include: Miami Herald, The Sacramento Bee, Fort-Worth Star Telegram, Kansas City Star and more. 

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