Keep Your Content Marketing Strong: Q2 Strategies & Themes

q2 blog imageThe first quarter of 2023 is already over! That means it’s a good time to look at where the rest of the year is headed. With some helpful tips and strategy ideas, you can kick off Q2 with a bang and stay on track with your content marketing goals. Evaluate your marketing achievements with these questions:

1. Does your marketing strategy feel stagnant or lack energy?
If you’re not seeing the results you’re looking for, it may be time to refresh your content marketing strategy and brainstorm new ideas. That might mean adding audiences or distribution channels, changing your brand voice or experimenting with different media formats, such as incorporating more social media promotion or video marketing.

2. Does your team need more creative or distribution support?
With all the moving parts of a successful content strategy, sometimes there’s just not enough time to get everything done. Save time by leveraging a trusted content partner for a more efficient production process. A cost-effective way to bolster your distribution is through content syndication, which helps capture a wider audience, boost brand awareness and increase lead generation.

3. Are you staying on track with timely themes?
Timeliness is important in creating and sharing content. Knowing what topics and themes consumers will look for is helpful in planning your content calendar. In addition to evergreen content, you should consider timely themes that resonate with your brand, such as seasonal (like summer grilling) and holiday (like Fourth of July) themes.

Upcoming Q2 Themes:

1. Father’s Day – According to, 76% of American adults intend to celebrate Father’s Day in some way. If your product could be a gift for dads, it’s a perfect opportunity to target your audience and drive engagement and awareness.

2. Summer Lawn & Garden – One of the most popular themes for Q2 is Summer Lawn and Garden. American adults spend $48 billion on lawn and gardening equipment each year. From lawn care tips to gardening ideas, homeowners will turn their attention to the outdoors and your brand could be a solution or inspiration. q2 blog image 2

3. Summer Grilling & Dining Al Fresco – As the weather gets warmer, consumers look to enjoy the outdoors by dining al fresco and grilling their favorite foods. With 7 out of 10 adults in the U.S. owning a grill or roaster, according to, you can appeal to a wide audience looking for cooking inspiration and summer recipes.

4. Home Improvement – It’s that time of year to refresh and renew your home. You can place your product or solution in front of consumers looking to spruce things up or upgrade their homes.

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