Spring Into Success – 6 Popular Content Marketing Themes

spring theme blog 3Spring is the perfect time to add some fresh ideas and strategies to your marketing plan. From festive recipes and seasonal celebrations to DIY home upgrades and gardening, there are many opportunities to promote your brand or product. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next marketing campaign, consider these top trending themes.

1. St. Patrick’s Day is a great opportunity to strike gold with your marketing goals. If festive recipes or fun crafts and activities are good fits for your brand, it’s a great way to connect with consumers looking to celebrate.

2. Spring Lawn & Garden – Lawn care and gardening becomes a top priority for many homeowners in the spring and is one of our most popular themes. In fact, 55 % of U.S. households (71.5 million) garden, according to rubyhome.com. It’s a perfect time to share your helpful lawn maintenance tips, gardening advice or any of the many ways readers can spruce up their yards. 

3. Home Cleaning & Upgrades – As winter fades away, many people will look to freshen up their homes with spring cleaning and organizing. It’s also a popular time to start new home upgrades and DIY projects that were put on hold for the winter. Start planning to connect with your audience using helpful tips or products to make their home feel good as new. spring theme image 2

4. Healthy Habits & Diet – Spring brings a renewed interest in healthy habits and recipes. As the weather becomes warmer, people can exercise outside and add more variety to their fitness routine. Additionally, spring dining becomes fueled with fresh ingredients and lighter meals. According to thebarbecuelab.com, 93% of Americans want to eat healthy while 63% said they try to eat healthy most or all of the time. Stand out from the crowd with content that appeals to your audience’s interests in a healthy diet. 

5. Lent & Easter – The Easter season, including Lent, is a great time to connect with consumers looking to create meaningful memories with family. An abundance of ways to connect with those readers include holiday recipes, meatless meals and kids crafts & activities.

6. Mother's Day – There are many ways to celebrate moms. Whether it’s meaningful presents, flowers or homemade dinners, consumers will look to find the perfect gift or experience for their loved ones.
Whichever seasonal theme suits your brand your product, it’s important to remember that editors plan 2-3 months ahead for content. Depending which topic you pick, plan your timeline accordingly for maximum exposure and better results.

You won’t want to miss out on creating content for these popular themes. Spring into action today and keep your marketing goals going strong.

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