New Year, New Strategy! 5 Tips for Strong Content Marketing

New Year Content Strategy Blog image 1With the new year comes the chance for a new start. It’s an opportunity to take a fresh look at your content strategy and a perfect time to re-evaluate your marketing plans, set goals and implement new ideas. If you want your brand to shine in the new year, we’ve gathered a few helpful tips to set you on the track for success.

1. Watch Social Media Trends
– Social media can be a powerful tool to boost brand awareness and create engagement with your content. However, it’s a fast-paced environment that is always changing and evolving, so it’s important to keep an eye on new trends. Whether it’s learning new platform tools or understanding updated capabilities, adapting your strategy to these changes can make a big difference in getting your content noticed. For example, video has become important on most platforms and a popular format for content creation. If you haven’t tried adding video to your marketing strategy, this could be the time to see how video production benefits your brand. New Year Content Strategy Blog image 3

2. Plan Timely Content Early Timeliness is key. Many editors plan 2-3 months ahead for timely themes or holidays, so it’s best to have your content ready early to maximize your distribution and overall exposure. Knowing when and what topics consumers will be looking for can be helpful for planning your content strategy. A great way to stay on top is to create a content calendar to ensure you don’t miss upcoming themes. In addition to seasonal strategies, you can create evergreen content to fill the gaps and keep your brand front and center throughout the year.

3. Stay on Top of Trending Themes for 2023 Whether your brand fits food, lifestyle or home & garden sections, you can adjust your strategy to match popular trends that resonate with your messaging. Consumers are more likely to search and follow popular interests like healthy foods, home design trends or health hacks. Fitting your messaging into one that’ll suit your brand can help you stand out from the crowd.

4. Utilize Multiple Formats for Maximum Coverage If you want to maximize the reach of your brand’s content, it’s a good idea to utilize multiple forms of media, like combining print and digital to broaden your overall exposure. Social media is also an easy way to promote and redirect readers to content you’ve posted or printed elsewhere.

5. Understand Your Audience It’s important to understand the type of content your target audience is interested in. People look for content that is both engaging and relatable to their lives; it’s helpful to have as much insight as possible so you can craft your messaging to fill that niche. It’s easier to connect to your consumer base when you create content that not only caters directly to them, but also positions your brand as an expert and reliable source.

The new year is approaching quickly! Refresh your content strategy and get ready to make 2023 your best year yet.

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