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Well-crafted, engaging content is merely the beginning of a successful marketing strategy. The next step is getting your content the attention it deserves and reaching a wide audience. With a constant flow of content in the marketing world, it’s important to stand out from the crowd.

Great content is an essential piece of the puzzle, but an effective distribution strategy can make all the difference. After all, what good is your brand’s message if no one sees it?

One method that can take your distribution to the next level and round out your content strategy is syndicated content. Let’s take a closer look at its benefits:

What is Syndicated Content?

Content syndication is a type of service that re-publishes content to multiple print and online publications, which in turn helps expand its reach and boost visibility. For example, after you’ve created an engaging article with your brand’s message, a syndicated provider will take on the work of distribution for you and share the content to a wide network of sources. Without third-party help, it’s often difficult for brands and agencies to bridge the gap between their well-executed messages and securing high-quality placements. It can also be a very time-consuming process to connect to a wide enough audience to reach marketing goals.

This is where syndicated content becomes a perfect fit to get your content placements and exposure. It saves brands and their agencies the time and effort of pitching content repeatedly to different publications while also increasing overall brand awareness by connecting to consumers.

What to Look for in a Content Syndication Provider:

It’s important to find a content syndication provider that understands the needs and objectives of publications to know how to best appeal to editors.syndication image 2

Newspaper, magazine, and website editors often look for high-quality, engaging, and timely content from a trusted source. Editors especially love syndicated content when it’s available in easy, ready-to-publish formats, making it a quick and efficient option. Content syndication saves time for brands and publications, making this distribution method a win-win for both parties. Brands and agencies boost their visibility and reach more consumers, while publications receive free content to engage their own audience.

Content syndication providers can also offer services such as consultation, content creation, distribution and reporting. This is where you can find the full content marketing package, making it easier to create and execute campaigns.

A good syndication partner should be able to provide distinct objectives beforehand and results afterwards. An important question to ask a potential syndication provider is whether guaranteed deliverables are included and how many impressions and engagements you can expect. Nothing beats having the peace of mind knowing your campaign will reach your goals and yield desired results.

In addition to knowing the deliverables, receiving reporting on your content’s performance can help to better understand the overall results of your content syndication and see if your goals were accurately met.
Some important questions to ask are:

“How do they measure the results?”
“How transparent are the final reports?”
“Do they provide proof of placements?”
“Can they show demographic reporting?”

With reporting that offers transparency and a detailed proof of placements, you can track exactly where your content is being seen and by how many people.

If you have been looking to improve the results of your marketing strategy and reach more consumers, content syndication could be the missing key.


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