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engagement image blog smallFamily Features’ Demographic Reporting is a valuable tool that allows you to see who is engaging with your brand's content when you have a social media campaign. For you to better understand your Social Media Demographic Report, we want to define what an engagement is on each social media platform.

What is an Engagement?

Facebook defines an engagement as “the total number of actions people take involving your ads.” This is probably the simplest way to define an engagement. It refers to how consumers directly interact with a brand through a variety of actions. Take a look at the different ways people can engage with your content based on the social media platform:


• Post Shares
• Post Reactions (Like, Love, Care, Haha, Wow, Sad or Angry)
• Post Saves
• Post Comments
• Page Likes
• Photo Views
• Link Clicks
• Other Clicks (The number of non-content clicks on your post such as profile name or “see more.”)
• Post Interactions (This includes any of the engagements above from a shared post.)


• Pin Saves (The number of times people saved your Pin to a board.)
• Pin Clicks (The total number of clicks on your Pin or ad to content on or off Pinterest.)
• Outbound Clicks (The number of times people perform actions that lead them to destinations off Pinterest.)
• Carousel Card Swipes (The number of times people swiped through different images on the Pin.)


• Post Likes
• Post Comments
• Post Saves
• Post Shares
• Profile Visits
• Website Clicks
• Follows


• Retweets
• Replies
• Follows
• Likes
• Links
• Hashtag Clicks
• Media (The number of clicks on your media, i.e. video, gifs or images.)
• Username Clicks
• Profile Photo Clicks
• Tweet Expansions

Our hope is this provides you a better understanding of how users engage with your content. The best news is, they are engaging, which is a huge win with the amount of content users are bombarded with on a daily basis. As always, if you have any questions or would like to talk further about setting up a social media campaign or reporting, our team is just a click away.

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