5 Tips for Building a Successful Content Strategy

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With less than half the year remaining, it’s time to start planning your content strategy for 2021. This year brought new challenges for brands, requiring many to adapt and find innovative solutions in response to a changing environment. Although some best practices are here to stay, these savvy ideas can help increase brand awareness and conquer this and next year’s goals.

Consider these success tips for your content strategy:

1. Plan Ahead – Timeliness is key. It’s essential to share the right content at the right time. Knowing what topics and themes consumers will be looking for is helpful in planning your content strategy. It can also be beneficial to create a content calendar to ensure your brand is on pace to meet its goals. Most magazines plan 2-3 months ahead for upcoming themes or holidays, so it is always best to plan early. In addition to specific holidays and seasonal content, it is also important to create consistent evergreen content that is applicable any time of year. Check out our project planner for theme ideas and more timing tips.

2. Know Your Audience – It’s important to understand the type of content your target audience members are looking for and what solutions they need. Readers look for content that both engaging and relatable to their lives. It’s easier to connect to your consumer base when you create content that not only caters to them, but also positions your brand as an expert and trusted source.

3. Adapt to Change – The global pandemic has taught us it’s necessary to be prepared to adapt your content strategy to unexpected changes. Since it is impossible to know exactly what the future holds, especially with COVID-19 and lifestyle changes in response to the pandemic, it’s important to incorporate a flexible strategy. For example, we assisted a client in creating timely content using a kid-friendly recipe that catered to families at home during quarantine.

4. Create and Share Digital Content – Digital platforms are increasingly valuable tools for sharing content and reaching consumers. Whether it’s social media posts, videos or online articles, digital content should be a key component of any brand’s strategy. We have found that videos are one of the most effective tools for high-volume views and digital and social engagements. Whether it’s lifestyle or recipe content, your brand can use video as an easy and engaging way to connect with consumers.

5. Share Content on Multiple Platforms – To reach more consumers, share your content on multiple platforms to maximize your content’s exposure. This allows you to reach a variety of consumers based on their favorite methods of receiving information, whether it’s print or social media. For example, we offer unique programs that can combine print, Video Production & Distribution and Social Media Amplification to help drive consumer engagement with your brand.

Contact us to see how Family Features can help your brand create a successful content strategy for 2021 and beyond.

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