Show-Stopping Recipe Videos Made Easy

Picture it now. A bubbling casserole fresh out of the oven. A bowl of ooey, gooey taco dip getting topped with even more cheese. Or better yet, a mouthwatering cake finished with perfect, creamy icing.

According to, 64 percent of consumers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video. We at Family Features have seen firsthand how a brand’s exposure increases with the high-quality recipe videos made by our in-house production team.

Our team works with a variety of food brands to diligently craft custom recipe videos that not only leave viewers hungry for more, but also get our clients excited about the exposure for their products. We want more of our clients to reap similar benefits with engaging recipe videos, which is why we produce recipe videos with personal touches and elaborate detail to help make them one-of-a-kind. Using our in-house studio, our Web Content Manager, Melissa Paine, is the talent behind creating these exceptional recipe videos.

“Video is captivating and keeps the end user more engaged within the content page,” Paine said.

She isn’t wrong. Statistics from revealed that 75 million people in the United States watch online videos every day.

“The advantage of having Family Features produce the video is that it allows clients to include a digital offering to their projects without having to invest in the time, equipment and skill needed,” Paine said. “Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, and a lot of people want information quickly. A 60-90 second video accomplishes that.”

At Family Features, we guarantee up to 1 million views for 60-90 second recipe videos, while also providing full rights to the client. Your brand matters to us, and we work to ensure the recipes viewers see on-screen can help make your product part of their lunchtime feasts, holiday treats or the everyday meals in-between.

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Our recipe video packages include:

  • Production of close-in recipe preparation video, shot by our in-house team
  • Distribution and promotion across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter via the profiles of our direct-to-consumer site,
  • Embedding of video within your editorial content
  • Hosting via YouTube using a direct link or an embed code accessed by editors via downloadable instructions
  • Detailed reporting on views and impressions

 Click here to learn more about our recipe video service or to contact us for more information.




nashia baker
Nashia Baker

Nashia serves as the Editorial Assistant at Family Features Editorial Syndicate. She uses her journalism skills to create and edit multimedia content, help administer online file distribution to Family Features' vast network of publishers, and prep images as a member of the production team. She is a 2017 graduate from the University of Kansas. While a student-athlete at KU, she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from the William Allen White School of Journalism, specializing in News and Information, and also minored in Spanish.

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