A Happy Home

If you own a home, it is possible to both make a positive impact on the environment and save some money. Together, Family Features and JCPenney Home Services created a Feature that shows how with eye-catching looks and tips which can help the average homeowner save cash and energy.

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This full-page Feature highlights bright, colorful images with wonderful shades to create a light, fun layout. It also includes helpful takeaways like reducing energy use of your hot water heater, understanding your heating and cooling system, upgrading your thermostat and weatherproofing your home.

One week into distribution this project secured more than 260 placements, making it another great example of the type of home and garden content editors are looking for.

Our media and creative teams are happy to help with ideas, helpful themes and free spec layouts. To learn how we can help, see our Case Studies or Contact Us.

Haley Vickers
Haley Vickers

As an Editorial Assistant, Haley uses her past journalism experience and editing skills to help create content, edit content and prepare files for online distribution for Family Features. She is a recent graduate, earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Mass Media: Multimedia Journalism from Northwest Missouri State University.

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