Earned Media...DIY or Outsource?

syndication montage BLOGContent Syndication - What is it?
Branded content distributed to, and placed in print, digital, and social channels.

Why should you employ a content syndication strategy?
Content Syndication greatly increases the reach and effectiveness of your content by making your messages available to millions of consumers—rather than just your owned audience. In addition, you benefit from the implied editorial endorsement you gain when your content is placed in authoritative and trusted channels.

Do it yourself vs. working with a content syndication partner.
Media outreach can take up massive time and resources. Many companies utilize a trusted syndication partner to complement their outreach and deliver a solid base of media coverage, freeing them up to chase premium partnerships and placements.

How does it work?
In the case of our company—Family Features, we have the systems and a captive audience already in place—making the process easy and turnkey for you. Here’s the step-by-step process we use:

1. Consultation. Before any project begins, we work with you to understand your expectations, goals, timing, and budget.
2. Crafting Content. Using your key consumer messages, we’ll craft appropriate editorial content that media users are likely to use in their publications and web sites. As former editors, graphic designers and publishers, we’ll make sure the messages are reader-friendly, attractive, well-written and carry subtle, but effective marketing messages for your products and services.
3. Formatting. We create multiple formats appropriate for newspapers, magazines, digital, social and video placement. We make it easy for media users to place your content in their outlets.
4. Promotion and Distribution. When your content is ready for distribution, we use an array of marketing tactics to get your content placed—first, we house it on our media site, then we use a combination of personal outreach, emails, advertising and trade shows. Our network has over 10,000 media users who are always looking for quality content.
5. Capturing Placements. Using both internal and external clipping/screen capture technology, we track every download of your content and archive every placement.
6. Reporting. At any time during the distribution/placement timeframe, you can check on the progress of your project in real time. And when finished, we’ll create a final summary of your project detailing every placement and metric.

A well-thought out content syndication program will exponentially increase the effectiveness of your marketing and PR campaigns. If the project you’re tasked with seems a bit daunting, we can help. You can call us any time for a free consultation or spec layout.

Brian Agnes
Brian Agnes

A former award-winning magazine publisher and president of Family Features, Brian has worked on over 30 publications, and with hundreds of editorial outlets, advertising and PR firms.

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