Newspapers Report: Quality Content Needed!

Newspapers are looking for efficiencies to save time and money while focusing on creating local content. Syndication provides content to a vast array of outlets adding value to their publications and providing a way for brands to educate consumers in a useful and credible way.

A recent study by Publisher’ Auxiliary, published by the National Newspaper Association, found that community newspapers depend on syndicated content. Here are a few facts from their study that indicates newspapers use and value syndicated content:
  Newspaper stack • 76.6% said they use syndicated content in their papers
   • 51% also use syndicated content in their special sections
   • Most frequently used items by newspapers
      o Crosswords (62.79%)
      o Food (48.84%)
      o Health and puzzles (46.51%)
      o Seniors, home improvement and comics (tied at 44.19%)
      o Holiday (41.86%)
      o Family and lawn & garden (tied at 39.53%)

Syndication benefits noted by respondents:
   • Beneficial for small newsrooms
   • Can sell advertising to tie-in with outside content
   • Have a hard time filling lifestyle pages because they don’t have food and family writers
   • Helpful during the holidays

Syndicated content clearly is necessary and welcomed more than ever by today’s editors. They need good, quality content in a timely manner.

Can syndication work for you? Here are some tips to boost the publication and success of your content:
   1. Craft attention-grabbing headlines. Here are 5 Headline Tips
   2. Don’t skimp on photography—high resolution photos can boost placements by 50% or more. Get more Photography Tips
   3. Know your audience.
   4. Be imaginative—there’s a lot of competition out there. Make your article unique!
   5. Pay attention to the calendar and work ahead of the editorial “window.” See a Project Planner Calendar
   6. Be credible. Provide tips, lists, how-to info and make your product or service a part of the story or a solution to a problem.

Need help getting started? Our media and creative teams are happy to help with ideas, helpful themes and spec layouts. To learn how we can help, see our Case Studies or Contact Us.

Cindy Long
Cindy Long

Cindy Long is Family Features’ Media Relations Manager. She works with a network of more than 10,000 editors to help fill the Food, Lifestyle and Homes & Garden sections of their newspapers, magazines and online sites.

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