Show Your Infographics in Style

The future is visual and that’s no surprise. However, the future is also fast. One of the best ways to show information can be with an infographic. At a glance, readers can see a theme and receive the intended message within seconds.Today, it’s all about time and information. Texting, tweeting, Google this, Google that. Readers want facts and they want them now, which is one of an infographic’s strengths.

Infographics are usually created with simple images or visuals along with lists, short paragraphs or even single words, occasionally. It’s information at its core; pictures and words. However, the design of infographics isn’t always simple. You want to catch attention while at the same time giving information as rapidly as possible. This can be a tricky task for designers. Infographics should be interesting, informative and pretty, all at once.

Family Features has designed and distributed infographics for years that have caught editors’ attention while providing the best information possible. Here are a few tips to get started on simple, yet aesthetically pleasing infographics.


Haley Vickers
Haley Vickers

As an Editorial Assistant, Haley uses her past journalism experience and editing skills to help create content, edit content and prepare files for online distribution for Family Features. She is a recent graduate, earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Mass Media: Multimedia Journalism from Northwest Missouri State University.

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