Consumers Are Eating up Food Videos

foodrecipevideo2Has this happened to you? You’re scrolling through your social media feed and suddenly you become captivated (and inspired) by a step-by-step video for a full recipe created in under a minute. Your stomach growls as you continue to watch recipe after recipe of beautifully made dishes.

Food recipe videos have taken the web and social media by storm. “Public Relations Tactics” reports that videos will make up 82 percent of all internet traffic by 2021. It’s easy to see why. Food recipe videos break down the sometimes daunting task of crafting a meal or dish by visually summarizing the process and making recipes seem more accessible to the everyday chef – and media consumers love it. Did you know Family Features works with brands to create these highly sought after recipe videos for everything from main dishes to specialty cocktails? I had the pleasure of sitting down with our Video Production Manager, Melissa Paine, to get the scoop on what makes a great recipe video.

Tell me a little about the recipe videos.
Recipe videos are short – around one minute – instructive videos on (fingers crossed) delicious meal or dessert ideas that are fairly easy and quick to make. These types of videos are extremely popular right now because of the tempting recipes and quick-to-view format on social media.

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Are there certain types of recipes that work better for the videos than others?
Dessert videos are always a hit and are the most popular, especially if they aren’t hard to make. Quick meals, lunches and salads are usually also very successful. Videos and recipes that have a lot of ingredients or time-consuming preparation seem to be the hardest ones to get off the ground for a high level of engagement. Not saying it’s impossible, but it’s not recommended.


What advice or tips would you give to a client that is having Family Features create a recipe video?
Stick to a recipe that is easy to make (6-8 ingredients) and involves minimal prep, and when completed, looks too good to miss out on.

 What channels are the videos promoted on and how many plays can a client expect?
We promote on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter through our consumer facing site and brand, Clients can expect at least 50,000 views!

What is your favorite part of creating the recipe videos?
Depends on the recipe for whether I’ll try it or not! But the overall process is fun for me. I like putting together the storyline and hope that it works out while filming as it did in my head. To achieve this, I watch a lot of other food videos to gain inspiration and ideas. People may not realize this, but a 60-second video consists of hours of preparation and shooting time! It is very rewarding to create a helpful video that might inspire someone to step out of his or her culinary box and try a new recipe.

To learn more about our video production and distribution and to see more of our work, click here.

Emily Angold
Emily Angold

As Marketing Manager, Emily executes strategies to increase brand awareness in addition to creating new campaigns and data analyzation. Her creative ability and organizational skills are essential to delivering quality brand messaging.

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