Fall in to Puppy Love

Even your furry friends need some love this fall. Our creative team worked together with Just Right by Purina to create this informative and adorable, autumn pet page. This Feature is full of fall-themed advice for all the puppy lovers who need tips to prepare their pets for the cooler weather. These tips and easy solutions are specific and beneficial to all pet parents, which makes for all-around great content marketing.

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From being aware of your pup’s energy levels to specific food needs, this Feature has your pet care needs covered. The autumn inspired photos and eye-catching headline grab the reader’s attention and make this content a perfect addition to any publication. Being a pet parent isn’t always easy. With these tips, this fall can be a breeze. Be sure to pay some extra attention to your pets as the leaves turn and summer fades away. A little extra love can go a long way.

At Family Features, we’re passionate about our furry friends and ask that you consider volunteering or donating to your local animal shelter or to one of these national organizations:

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals


American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation

Haley Vickers
Haley Vickers

As an Editorial Assistant, Haley uses her past journalism experience and editing skills to help create content, edit content and prepare files for online distribution for Family Features. She is a recent graduate, earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Mass Media: Multimedia Journalism from Northwest Missouri State University.

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