Travel Content That’s Going Places

travel blog image 1After the COVID-19 pandemic, this year is likely going to be all about the excitement and thrill of travel. Whether it’s near or far, travel tips and destination content are hot in our editorial network. "US travel search rose 19% since the end of 2020," according to Microsoft.

From travel hacks to packing advice and budget-friendly trips, editors are looking for quality vacation content. If you’re looking to put your brand on the map this travel season, here are a few relevant content ideas to get you started.


Prioritize Results with an Effective Content Partner

content marketing blog image“Partners.” It’s such a powerful word, and it just so happens to be what Family Features is all about. We are here to assist and form a strong alliance with your brand while creating a successful content strategy you’re proud of.

If your brand is like most, you’re tired of spending money and time on creating an effective content strategy. It can feel like an uphill battle and a huge, daunting task. However, implementing helpful resources and partnering with an organization that’s been in business for decades makes creating content (among other things) that much easier.

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