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WaRedRaspberry logo clr rgbOne powerful way to reach readers is by providing mouthwatering recipes that look as good as they taste, especially when those recipes cover meals from morning to night. That’s why the Washington Red Raspberry Commission partnered with Family Features to create a Recipe Feature highlighting the use of raspberries in salads, breakfasts and desserts for delicious solutions throughout the day.

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  • More than 3,400 placements in digital and print publications, including 800 earned placements
  • More than 540 million total impressions, including 20 million earned impressions
  • More than 560,000 social media impressions and 29,000 engagements
  • More than 100,000 recipe video views and 200,000 impressions
  • An overall ROI of 147:1

Secrets to Success:

  • Popular Themes: Creating a campaign that takes advantage of a popular theme – like an all-day menu, for example – provides our comprehensive editorial network with timely, appealing content to maximize your brand’s exposure.
  • Recipe Video: Recipe content should be highly visual, and videos that use simple, eye-catching recipes tend to grab editors’ and readers’ eyes.
  • Compelling Content: Editors search for themes first then photos and headlines. This Feature delivered with a popular editorial hook, eye-catching images, an approachable headline and content readers could easily use.

What is a Recipe Feature?

Using formatted recipes, photography and a 60-90-second recipe video, Recipe Features deliver your message in multiple formats to maximize earned and sponsored placements. Exclusive to Family Features and promoted across our digital, print and social media channels, the Recipe Feature program includes 750-1,000 words, multiple images, a full-page layout, Recipe Video Production and Distribution, Social Media Amplification and cost-per-click Content Amplification.

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