Our Story

Founded in 1974, Family Features is a pioneer in delivering food, lifestyle and home & garden content directly to consumers.

40+ years delivering branded content to consumers.

In 1974, David Selders, founding partner of Barickman-Selders Advertising, created Family Features to help his food clients deliver branded content directly to consumers by providing high-quality formatted content and photography to local magazines and newspapers free of charge.

Selders pioneered the use of formatted content along with a commitment to tracking content placements and providing measurable results.

Family Features remains committed to Selders’ original vision, having expanded our network to include more than 4,000 local websites, magazines and newspapers and using social media, digital marketing and a variety of new tactics to deliver branded content to consumers.

Today we work with dozens of top brands, agencies, commodity boards and associations to deliver branded food, lifestyle and home & garden content to consumers using digital, print, social media and our proprietary consumer-facing sites, Culinary.net and eLivingtoday.com.

To learn more, check out examples of our work or contact us to find out how we can help you deliver branded content to consumers.

How It Works

Family Features Shape Your Message

Shape: Our experienced staff shapes your messages into quality content. Designed to maximize the number of digital and print placements.

Family Features Media Distribution

Place: We distribute and promote your content to our network of more than 4,000 local websites, magazines and newspapers.

Family Feature Reporting

Report: We provide detailed online reporting, verifying and tracking impressions and placements.